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4 Video Content Types to Market Your Business Like a Pro

In 2022’s marketing and advertising world, we have to treat every day like Superbowl Sunday. No, we aren’t going head to head with our biggest rivals, and no, we’re not covering ourselves in full-body paint. What we are going to do is completely obsess over video marketing. Here’s why: Video is insanely popular. Video marketing  Read More

Hook Your Audience with Strategic Social Media Marketing

Learning to implement social media marketing is a lot like learning to fish. Despite all the different reels, colorful tackle and local jargon, it’s actually super easy. Create content, publish content, rinse and repeat. Here’s the catch: no matter how much you learn, social media marketing–like fishing–takes strategy and time. From tweets to photo carousels  Read More

A Custom Logo is the First Impression Your Brand Makes

Your logo is the first impression your company makes. It's the first thing people see, and it sets the tone for everything that follows. That's why it's so important to partner with a logo design company that will work to understand your business and can create a logo that remains unique and timeless. At Springer  Read More

Include a Sponsorship Strategy in Your Marketing Plan

Strategic marketing plans that include corporate social responsibility have been rising in recent years. In today’s world, more and more people are voting with their wallets by purchasing from businesses that share their values. It is a good time for companies who want to stand out against the competition - as long as you know  Read More

The Unspoken Rules of Social Content

As a content manager or as a small business owner charged with managing their own social media, you may feel like you’re struggling to get a handle on the steep learning curve that comes with social media. There’s talk of a constantly changing algorithm, the rumored “shadow-banning,” and an underlying set of rules that you  Read More

Optimizing Instagram for Sales

Ever wonder how some companies seem to thrive on social media? Even though there’s definitely no easy formula for success, focusing on optimizing your Instagram is a shortcut that can help! We’ve pooled our experience to equip you with ways you can focus on optimizing Instagram for sales and engagement. Utilize Instagram Shopping If you  Read More

Crafting Free Lead Magnet that Works

You hear all the time how it’s easier than ever to connect in the digital space, but if everyone is busy connecting, how do you cut through the noise? Running an ad or posting consistently is all well and good, but knowing how to get a user to engage and subscribe is a very different  Read More

Handling that Negative Facebook Review

You’ve poured your heart and soul into a business that you love. You’ve set up your Facebook page in hopes of better connecting with your clients and customers and you couldn’t be more excited. Yet, someone has a bad experience and suddenly that 5.0 stars drop or you’re reading a bad review that slams your  Read More

5 Tips for Higher Education Engagement

As a higher education marketer, you’ve got a big job. The fact that 78% of millennials value spending money on an experience instead of buying something they desire. With 2020 in full swing, we stepped into the role of a prospective student to provide five innovative tips you can incorporate into your strategy this year.  Read More

Buzzwords and Keywords

In the age of digital marketing, keywords are often only utilized for SEO or digital ads, while buzzwords are pasted all over websites in hope of driving sales. A common question we get asked as a marketing team are the differences between buzzwords and keywords. So today, we're going to clear up any uncertainty then  Read More