Why You Need a Crisis Marketing Strategy

A crisis can mean anything. Maybe it’s a tweet with wrong information that went out, maybe it’s a sudden store closure, or maybe it’s a storm that shuts down a city. Today, you have an inbox full of emails from businesses providing details on how they’re handling a worldwide pandemic. According to Sprout Social and  Read More

Host your Own Virtual Graduation

Covid-19 was the last thing many planned for as they prepared their calendar for the spring and summer, especially for the graduating class of 2020. While no one could have expected the impact of such a momentous occasion, some schools have risen to the challenge of celebrating their students in other ways, like virtual graduations.  Read More

How to Discover your Target Audience

As with any great brand, you need to know how to speak to your target audience or customer in order to effectively market to them. But how do you know who or what that is? We’re talking about audience framing today and how to find your ideal customer or client with just a few quick  Read More

Facebook Fan Page VS Website: Which Works?

You’re hungry but you only have 20 minutes for lunch - you Google “food near me” - a Facebook fan page pops up with a local burger joint about 2 miles - You also see another restaurant that offers online ordering on their website that’s five miles away. Which do you pick?  It seems like  Read More

What Digital Marketing Does for You

As with every new innovation, there’s often a learning curve. The same goes for the digital age. Although early adopters of social platforms and digital trends can often find success over time, it’s hard for people to see the immediate value of digital marketing.  Here are just a few examples of what digital marketing can  Read More