Unleash the power of the pen.

Whether in the form of a company tagline, print ad, brochure, website, Google AdWord campaign, blog post or email campaign, the words make all the difference. Our award-winning SEO copywriters will deploy the right strategies to engage your audiences and inspire action — whether it’s to fill out a contact form, click a “Buy” button, make a phone call or visit a brick and mortar store.

AWESOME!! LOVE what you have done! The slow-motion drama is captivating! Thanks for your tenacity and hard work! I feel like you want our website to be the best one you’ve ever designed! And that’s a great corporate philosophy!

Cathy Kinlaw

Key Elements of Great Copywriting

from Springer Studios, Wilmington, NC, Copywriting Specialists

  • 1Readability

    The words flow easily, clearly and concisely.

  • 2Conversational

    The copy sounds like a conversation — one person talking with one person.

  • 3Length

    Copy length is not too short, not too long; it’s just right for the medium and message you need to conveyy.

  • 4Never talk down to your audience.

    Always assume they’re just as smart as you!

  • 5Unique

    Say it like no one’s ever expressed it that way before.

  • 6Targeted

    If an offer is included, make sure it’s relevant and compelling to your audience.

  • 7Human

    “Think like a Google algorithm, but write like a human.” Think about the search terms people will use to find your business; be sure to incorporate these words and phrases into your copy. But don’t overdo it. The message still needs to be interesting for an actual person to read!