Unleash the power of the pen

Whether in the form of a company tagline, print ad, brochure, website, Google AdWord campaign, blog post or email campaign, the words make all the difference. Our award-winning SEO copywriters will deploy the right strategies to engage your audiences and inspire action — whether it’s to fill out a contact form, click a “Buy” button, make a phone call or visit a brick and mortar store.

I wanted to give you guys at Springer Studios a BIG Thanks for acting so quick to help us! Your response time for everything we have asked from you has been almost instantaneous. We appreciate your hard work and support.

Phillip Pope

Key Elements of Great Copywriting

from Springer Studios, Wilmington, NC, Copywriting Specialists

  • 1Readability

    The words flow easily, clearly and concisely.

  • 2Conversational

    The copy sounds like a conversation — one person talking with one person.

  • 3Length

    Copy length is not too short, not too long; it’s just right for the medium and message you need to conveyy.

  • 4Never talk down to your audience.

    Always assume they’re just as smart as you!

  • 5Unique

    Say it like no one’s ever expressed it that way before.

  • 6Targeted

    If an offer is included, make sure it’s relevant and compelling to your audience.

  • 7Human

    “Think like a Google algorithm, but write like a human.” Think about the search terms people will use to find your business; be sure to incorporate these words and phrases into your copy. But don’t overdo it. The message still needs to be interesting for an actual person to read!