Environmental Graphics

Make an impact and go big with vibrant environmental graphics.

Environmental graphics are a powerful way of displaying your company’s brand identity and messaging. For example, you can use exterior signage for your business or perhaps an outdoor billboard ad campaign down the street from your offices. Whether it’s graphics for your fleet vehicles or tradeshow booth displays, we have the experience and expertise to turn your message into the main event!

Our company provides solutions for more than 500 restaurant brands...we enlisted the help of Springer Studios to brand multiple entities within this business and they consistently provided us with top-notch creative, helping our client brands and our company's bottom line.

Kermit Austin

Key Elements of Great Environmental Graphic Design

  • 1Make a Statement.

    First, focus on a bold design. It could be a tradeshow booth, vehicle wrap, or store signage. Well-designed graphics are a great way to make a statement for your business quickly and effectively.

  • 2Communicate Your Message.

    Secondly, prioritize communicating your value. Graphics are an excellent tool to illustrate your company’s key messaging points and brand values.

  • 3Add Vibrance.

    Finally, make your graphics colorful and impactful. Share your brand attributes in large and unique ways. For example, stellar photography makes for great additions to tradeshow backdrops.