Illustration & Infographics

We create illustrations that help tell your story in a unique and informative way.

Illustrations and infographics are powerful tools to convey your company’s message and story. We use a variety of styles and techniques to bring these to life: from computer-generated graphics to convey facts, to unique hand-drawn or painted illustration. Springer Studios provides a high level of illustration services that will make your message unique, meaningful and memorable.

AWESOME!! LOVE what you have done! The slow-motion drama is captivating! Thanks for your tenacity and hard work! I feel like you want our website to be the best one you’ve ever designed! And that’s a great corporate philosophy!

Cathy Kinlaw

Key Elements of Great Illustration

from Springer Studios, Wilmington, NC, Illustration Agency

  • 1Traditional vs Digital

    What works best for you?

  • 2Style

    What styles best convey tour company’s message

  • 3Communication

    Is there a way to easily simply and communicate a complex process?