Logo Design

A logo design is the cornerstone to every company’s marketing identity. Clients begin forming impressions about your company at first sight…what does your logo say about your business?

Our logo designers here in North Carolina work closely with our clients to help build lasting and impactful brands. To that end we offer complete brand identity solutions including: naming your company or brand; designing all your marketing materials from business cards through signage and beyond; and creating a logo that makes your company or brand stand out in the marketplace.

"We've used their services for years and been overjoyed with the outcomes. David and his team identified areas that would enhance our visual presence online and in print media; with great success."

M. Wild, Owner

Key Elements of a Great Brand & Logo

from Springer Studios, Wilmington, NC, Branding Agency

  • 1Communication.

    What does your logo design communicate both literal and subliminal? Think about what your logo communicates to your customers.

  • 2Legibility.

    Your logo design has to exist in a variety of media and sizes. How well does it perform at smaller sizes?

  • 3Clarity.

    Both in the visual and communicative sense, how clear is your logo design’s message?

  • 4Reproduction.

    Think about how well your logo design can be reproduced. If embroidered on a hat will your multicolor logo reproduce well or do you have a one color option that maintains the integrity of the full color version?

  • 5Unique.

    Does your logo design stand apart from your competitors and other businesses? A great logo should be as unique as your company.

  • 6Role.

    A logo is the face of your company. It’s the first thing clients see and most of the time their first visual interaction with your company. However, a great logo needs to be simple and not do all of the lifting. Support your logo with a brand identity and graphic elements to further the communication of your company.