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We use the term “Under One Roof” because we believe consistency is key. You want an integrated plan that joins all your marketing efforts under one roof to maintain your brand identity. This includes your marketing strategy, print and digital advertising, lead generation and nurturing, email campaigns, website, signage and environmental graphics, marketing collateral, and don’t forget all the marketing and planning for your events.

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Cathy Kinlaw

Key Elements of Great Marketing

from Springer Studios, Wilmington NC Marketing

  • 1 Research.

    Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to grow, step one is market research. This will help determine messaging, segmentation, positioning, and more.

  • 2 Strategy.

    Strategies decide the vision of the company, its goal, its mission and where the company wants to be. This will be the foundation for your marketing plan.

  • 3 Planning.

    The marketing plan involves communications, budgeting, and other benchmarks that define how the company will achieve its strategic goals.

  • 4 Tactics.

    While planning is high-level, tactics are the short-term plans we implement to meet your objectives.