Alamo Industrial

Product Video

Alamo Industrial is a world leader in vegetation management, manufacturing tractor-mounted mowers, brush-cutters, and other equipment used for right-of-way clearing.

Alamo Industrial came to us seeking a Wilmington-based agency they could partner with to film a product demo of the Conver C485 and create an engaging informational video to be shared with other governmental agencies as a sales and training tool.

Our Approach

Working closely with Alamo Industrial’s marketing team we storyboarded the concept – making sure to detail and showcase each feature of the product – and developed the accompanying shot list and script before scouting locations and scheduling the production day.

On production day, we captured aerial, ground, and aquatic b-roll of the Conver C485 in action at Greenfield Lake – cutting, lifting, and removing intrusive vegetation.

The Results

The Conver C485 video was applauded and praised by the Alamo Industrial team and has since been published on their YouTube channel and shared with multiple government agencies interested in Alamo Industrial’s services and products.

Furthermore, Alamo Industrial enlisted our agency to design a new product logo for them and introduced us to their parent company, Alamo Group, to complete a full brand refresh along with print, digital, and video assets.