Sound Heavy Machinery

Website Redesign

At Sound Heavy Machinery, they understand customer needs, provide the right equipment, and keep them up and running. They offer quality new and used equipment, rental units, replacement parts, attachments, and trailers to serve customers in the construction, landscaping, recycling, mining, agriculture, transportation, and waste industries. We pride themselves on having a diverse rental fleet of construction, forestry, material handling, and recycling equipment.

The Challenge & Selection

Sound Heavy Machinery serves a wide variety of audiences and needs. Their old website was outdated and hard to find equipment. With inventories changing daily, presenting the pertinent benefits quick and easy to understand posed some significant issues.

“We needed a vibrant place (for our visitors) to learn about sophisticated heavy machinery in an enticing way while being able to quickly locate information in 3 clicks or less. We have a good history with Springer Studios, and they’re the right-sized agency with the experience we needed."

- Mark Thomas, Marketing & Communications

The Implementation

There were several challenges associated with our redesign. We had several issues and unknown issues that came up and the Springer Team worked with us to solve these and beat our desired time line for a successful launch.

“The Springer Team worked with us to solve any issues and beat our desired time line for a successful launch.”

- Mark Thomas, Marketing & Communications

The Results

Sound Heavy Machinery has had great feedback from their audiences and customers. More importantly, their numbers have resulted in tangible sales results!

They now have a better platform to illustrate Sound Heavy machinery's portfolio of products, allow visitors to find information easier, and drive sales.

“What made a stressful time easier for us is that the Springer Team was knowledgeable and came up with unique solutions to our challenges.”

- Mark Thomas, Marketing & Communications

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