Brand Identity

Custom Brand identity design

From colors to formatting, your brand exists in a variety of ways across different platforms. We design custom brand identities that grow with your business and provide a consistent brand experience for your audience.

Whether you’re looking for a logo for your small business or a company-wide rebrand, we’re proud to provide custom design solutions for any size business. Explore our services and portfolio to see what makes Springer different.

Essential Aspects of Brand Identity
  • Color palette
  • Font Selection
  • Symbol/Icon Design
  • Tagline Messaging

Color Palette

Your brand colors may not seem as important as the name of your company, but it was just as much power. Using color theory and industry research, we’re able to incorporate color in a way that emphasizes your brand message while giving life to your brand.

Font Selection

Different companies have different ways of communicating who they are, and font selection is just one of them. Handwritten fonts often convey a free and artistic feel, while text fonts focus more on clarity and professionalism. For those typefaces, and everything in between, we have the resources and know-how to make your fonts fit perfectly in your brand.

Symbol/Icon Design

The most underestimated part of any brand identity design. Sometimes typography doesn’t cut it and you need a little extra firepower. With custom illustrated icons/symbols, you’ll have your own language to describe what your business can provide to your audience.

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