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Professional, custom web design that works on a variety of platforms and devices.

In marketing, you “fish where the fish are.” Today your customers are online. The web is the first medium your customers use to research products and services. People will quickly form perceptions about your company based on your website. Does your website stack up against your competition? Does it look great and work easily on your laptop, desktop, phone or tablet? If it doesn’t, it’s time for an upgrade.

"We've used their services for years and been overjoyed with the outcomes. David and his team identified areas that would enhance our visual presence online and in print media; with great success."

M. Wild, Owner

Key Elements of Great Web Design

from Springer Studios, Wilmington NC Web Design

  • 1Purpose.

    So you need professional web design, every company should these days. But, what is the purpose? Step one is to figure out what role your website plays in the overall company strategy and marketing plan.

  • 2Functionality.

    There are many powerful tools that can be integrated into a website. Think about what online tools can benefit your company. Ex. Social Media Feeds, Interactive Maps, E-Commerce, Photo galleries, etc.

  • 3Responsive.

    Look around and chances are every other person is looking at some sort of device in their hand. We live in a device centric world and so should your website. A good responsive website will adjust itself based on the resolution of the device and the devices yet to be created.

  • 4Contemporary.

    Too many sites look and feel like they were designed years ago. You’re doing business now — make sure your online presence feels as current as the website of your most envied competition.

  • 5Layout.

    Science suggests people read in F patterns. Be sure your key content like contact information and top selling products are displayed in areas where your clients can find them. Make your navigation intuitive and easy to use.

  • 6Search Engine Friendly.

    A company website design is a must but, so is a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website. Your clients need to be able to find you, so make sure you have the right content in the right places. We can help you create and place your content to maximize page rank.

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