We were approached by Bladen Community College to help with a new web design for their school. Working with a committee from Bladen, we developed this web design that features a number of new functional elements, all focused around improving communications internally and with their students. Working with the Community College, we also helped them achieve the state mandated ada compliance standards. All of this new web design functionality was wrapped in a sleek interface and joined by a wealth of fresh imagery and video creating a brand elevation for the school. But most importantly, this site is helping Bladen Community College better their business of community college education.

Reorganized Navigation

Step one in the Bladen Community College website redesign was reorganizing their existing 220+ page links off the main navigation. We elevated more popular content and added a search feature to help users navigate the site. We created a fresh sidebar design along with a slimmer, more intuitive accordion navigation helping users find content easier.

college web design

Full Screen Video Banners

We wanted to create a focused impact on the homepage. Randomly loading video banners feature students and campus life right from the start.

Mobile Responsive

Look around any college campus and more than likely you’ll see students looking at a tablet or phone. It is vital that this site works in a mobile responsive world, allowing the site to repurpose itself for tablets and phones.

mobile college web design

Smart Links

With any college, there is a lot of information needed just to make it to the first class. With that in mind, we created a smart links sections that are visible on most pages. These links feature points of contact, quick links, and relative course downloads. Making finding answers to questions much easier.

college calendar design

Campus Calendar

We created a calendar application allowing students and faculty to sync calendar events with their mobile devices. Each department has it’s own calendar, allowing users to select just the events they want to track.

Custom Photography

We wanted to elevate the brand of Bladen Community College. We achieved this by new photography and videos, showing students in their environment engaged in their professional path, learning & experiencing education.

college photography
college photography

Online Course Catalog

Previously using a paper system, we imported BCC’s course catalog that can be easily accessed and edited for real-time updates. Users can see degree requirements and drill down to the specific course information.

online course catalog