We worked with Brunswick Community College to create brand identity systems and assets to attract a diverse range of clients. One of the systems created is the coloring system used on college letterhead, email headers, and on campus signage to help students easily visualize different departments on campus. Another system identifies the five core values of the college. All of the assets created are accessible by members of the Brunswick Community College staff and setup to be easily edited.

On campus graphics were created as part of a campus beautification project and to reiterate the college’s core values.

Collaborating with their marketing department, we’ve created a number of annual campaigns designed to increase enrollment, create community awareness, and elaborate on the variety of offerings provided by the college.

The I Am a Dolphin campaign was created to bring awareness to the college’s program and to bolster the college’s “community” value. Multiple billboards and ads were created depicting students and members of the community with the degree they earned from the school. The idea was to show how this Brunswick Community College alumni’s impact on the local community.

Services Provided:

Logo Design
Brand Development
Tagline Creation
Advertising Campaign
Website Design
Graphic Design
Video Production