We worked with Brunswick Community College’s Horticulture Department to brand a mini-campaign geared around changing the image of the local industry. The idea was to show that you can Learn, Explore & Succeed with a degree in Horticulture.

We created a :30 commercial that redirected to a microsite web design. We also created a trifold that the staff can hand out to prospective students with more detailed information.

As part of the project, we shot custom photography and video, we created a US map illustration used to show graduates who’ve used their degrees to land jobs nationwide and helped them take their concepts and organize them into a brand message.

Web Design

We created this one-page microsite that features the same Learn, Explore, Succeed taglines. Each tagline is featured in a separate div as you scroll through the page. The idea is to reiterate the same messaging from the commercial, elaborating on each section. Starting with Learn, the page speaks about how you can learn to become a Horticulture Technology and Turfgrass Management student. The Explore section features an interactive map that allows users to see where graduates are employed nationwide. The Succeed section focuses on the professors and their respective programs.

web design wilmington nc

Interactive Map

We illustrated and created a custom interactive map for this project. This allows users to click on map icons and see images and descriptions of each graduate from the Brunswick Community College program.


Supporting Collateral

To go along with the commercial and micro-site, we created a trifold that mirrors the same messaging points. This trifold helps to reiterate the branded messaging for the college.

college trifold