Wake Forest University School of Divinity contacted us to help them develop a logo design, brand, and web design for a new initiative, The Collaborative for Public Leadership. The Collaborative for Public Religious Leadership joins community partners in the work of justice, reconciliation, and compassion, transforming both ministry and theological education through innovative community collaborations.

We started by identifying the core concepts of the Collaborative which are Justice, Reconciliation, and Compassion.
Wake Forest University Logo Concepts
Through rounds of sketching, we identified the core visual for the logo showing how The Collaborative is a part of the local community. This visual is represented in an open hand that is created by a city street map. The vivid coloring not only resembles stained glass but also represents The Collaborative’s outreach and impact on the community.
Wake_Forest University Logo Sketch
Moving from the sketching phase into digital, we began refiniing multiple options for this logo design.
Wake_Forest University Logo process
We arrived at the final design and began developing the surrounding brand and graphic examples for implementation.
Wake Forest University Logo samplesWake Forest University School of Divinity Logo
Wake_Forest University Logo brand