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November 3, 2020

Buzzwords and Keywords

In the age of digital marketing, keywords are often only utilized for SEO or digital ads, while buzzwords are pasted all over websites in hope of driving sales. A common question we get asked as a marketing team are the differences between buzzwords and keywords. So today, we're going to clear up any uncertainty then share three ways you can utilize keywords and buzzwords in your own marketing strategy.

Pretend for a moment that you're applying for your dream job of being an Imagineer with the house of mouse. The posting is calling for someone with management experience, who's a dedicated and driven team player. So how do you craft your resume or cover letter to fit?

You'll most likely use words like "craft," "strategize," or "collaborate" rather than a simple "put together." These are the buzzwords. They enhance what you've done or plan to do. Buzzwords are the words that establish trust and respect between you and your audience (or in this case, future boss). They have more flair compared to using the same words over and over again. Usually, in the job example, you'd want to mirror the words they used, like "dedicated" or "driven." These are the modifiers.

They're also asking for someone with "management experience" and who's a "team player." These are the keywords. Keywords are similar in use but have a very different purpose. They're what your future boss is looking for. This varies from industry to industry. For real estate it could be "houses for sale" and for education, it could be "community colleges near me."

In the case of SEO, keywords are what the audience searches for. Surrounding it with buzzwords adds something extra, but still gives the audience what they were originally looking for.

The truth is: buzzwords are the words we like to hear while we're looking for the keywords.

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