Your space tells your story, and with environmental graphics, we ensure it mirrors your brand perfectly. From vehicle wraps to trade show booths to wall art, we specialize in transforming any space into a vibrant narrative of your brand's identity.

Custom Vehicle Wrap Designs

Engaging Trade Show Booths

Impactful Billboards

Creative On-Site Signage

Dynamic Wall Art

Feature Flags and Banners

Customized Canopy Tents

Interior Branding Elements

Exterior Signage Solutions

Full-Service Environmental Graphic Kits

Our Approach

Our approach to environmental graphics at Springer Studios combines innovative design with thoughtful, exacting placement. We transform ordinary spaces into branded experiences, ensuring your message makes a lasting impression in the physical world.

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What We Do

Our services in environmental graphics include vehicle wraps, wall art, trade show booths, and on-site signage, each crafted to elevate your brand's visibility and leave a memorable impact.

Vehicle Wraps

Transform your fleet into moving billboards with our eye-catching vehicle wraps, taking your brand to the streets.

Wall Art

We create exciting wall art that reflects your brand, turning blank canvases into inviting spaces.

Trade Show Booths

Designing immersive trade show booths that captivate attention and effectively showcase your brand.

On-Site Signage

Creating on-site signage that guides, informs, and impresses, reinforcing your brand's presence at every turn.

Our Process