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February 23, 2021

Optimizing Instagram for Sales

Ever wonder how some companies seem to thrive on social media? Even though there’s definitely no easy formula for success, focusing on optimizing your Instagram is a shortcut that can help!

We’ve pooled our experience to equip you with ways you can focus on optimizing Instagram for sales and engagement.

Utilize Instagram Shopping

If you have a business account, when you go to post, you’re able to tag a product in your post. This is one of the most underutilized features on Instagram for small businesses. By tagging products in your posts, you’re able to instantly connect your customers. This provides them with access to the price and link to buy on impulse. While leveraging the “shop” category under the discover tab, you can be featured without adding any pesky hashtags.

Show off your products on Instagram Stories:

QVC works so well because people are able to see products in action. Consumers are allowed to ask questions or engage without the pressure of buying. If you own a boutique, try on items and share the way they move, fit, and the price all in 15 seconds or less. If you sell products for the home, show the products in action and being used by real homeowners (or even yourself)!

This is taking Stories to another level. People love to see what they’re buying before they buy, so taking a few minutes to post video spotlighting a specific product can do a lot to move them from a skeptic to a customer. Instagram has made it so easy to edit, post, and promote videos with little to no video skill. Find a quiet, well-lit spot, and just hit record!

BONUS PRO-TIP - Offer Affiliate Benefits

If you’ve been wondering how to amp up your word of mouth sales, affiliate marketing (otherwise known as influencer marketing) is the way to do it. Offer 10% off per referral or a free item to your loyal customers if they help promote your product. You can use a loyalty code that offers new users 10% off their purchase or offer a free sample. Larger companies can develop entire competitive programs for even better benefits. For small businesses, we recommend starting simple and small.

Not sure where to start optimizing Instagram for sales? Give us a call for a free marketing consultation where we can help you build a marketing strategy that works for your business and sales goals.