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March 3, 2021

The Unspoken Rules of Social Content

As a content manager or as a small business owner charged with managing their own social media, you may feel like you’re struggling to get a handle on the steep learning curve that comes with social media. There’s talk of a constantly changing algorithm, the rumored “shadow-banning,” and an underlying set of rules that you have to learn as you go. Today, we’re demystifying those unspoken rules of social content and help you start building a content library you can rely on.

Reposting content

Just like with products, you don’t take someone else's original work or intellectual property and pass it off as your own. There are great pieces of content that plenty of creators, artists, and business owners share that often align with your thoughts or say things better than you can. But although the internet is often the wild west when it comes to content, don’t be that person that chooses to take the content and repost it as their own. Share directly from the source or credit the original source when posting. This can even include the “idea” of something.

Bots are bad

Don’t ever fall for a “3,000 followers today” scam. It doesn’t help your engagement, can stir up bad blood with your actual audience, and can ultimately backfire when those “bots” suddenly disappear when Instagram finds them. Those bots aren’t the ones contracting your services, buying your products, or engaging with your content. Remember: Quality over quantity is the goal.

Timing still matters

Believe it or not, timing still matters in social media. Posting in the middle of the night will not benefit you on your platforms. When you understand your audience, you can consider when they’re most likely on their phones. This can mean lunch breaks between 12-3 pm or on their computers when they get home at night. There’s no golden hour in social media anymore so just keep your audience in mind.

When in Crisis, Read the Room

The worst thing you can do in a crisis or in a high tensity moment on social media is to hop in too soon when you don’t know what to say. Words have meaning and people won’t forget how you responded to certain situations. During the time you’re waiting, write down your thoughts to meditate on and wait at least 24 hours to post social content. This may seem counterproductive, especially if a world event is happening, but more often than not, you’ll find better words to use with a little bit of time to collect them.

Avoid “fine print”

Don’t run a sale, promote a product, or discount a service that involves fine print that you can’t include in your caption. Giveaways are one thing, but if a customer or client has to reach a certain milestone or meet certain eligibility requirements before purchasing, especially if you don’t tell them about it, you’re risking losing trust with the audience.

Lastly, trust your Gut. You’ll know if something is right or wrong. Believe that no one knows your business better than you do and you’ll make the right call when the time comes. You’ve got this! Best of all, even if you don't, you've got us. Learn more about our digital marketing services or reach out for a free marketing consultation. Learn more about content marketing and how it can help grow your business.